Ship It

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Don’t try to “get it right”

Is there something in your life that you struggle with getting done? You know it won’t take that long, but somehow you either can’t get started on it or can’t finish it. 

Sometimes that’s the case for me with this blog. It’s my intention to post at least once a month. That seems remarkably few posts to write, given that there are people who post daily or even many times a day. But sometimes I get stuck on needing to have something “significant” to offer. This morning that got me to wondering about how leaders may struggle with getting things completed because we are stuck on needing each thing to be great.

An example of the greatness to be found in a different approach is my friend Annie Pringle. She writes a weekly blog called Annie Bites. Some weeks it’s a post somewhat like this with an insight or an idea that gives me a lot to “chew on.” And some weeks it’s simply a photograph with a question or a two minute video. But the point is every week without fail her post arrives in my inbox.

Is every single one of these profound and amazing? No, but some of them are! And the ones that are profound and amazing for me maybe different than the ones that are profound and amazing for you. The point is that as a writer or creator or leader, we just never know. We can only express what’s in our hearts and minds with the intention of our work benefiting others. With that intention guiding us, we do what feels authentic.

When we hold back, it’s often “the piggies” prevailing over our inner wisdom. (See my February post for more on this.) If we can notice this, we have more choice and that lets us have more impact.

I invite you to consider this question.

Where in your work does your desire to be sure what you do is great potentially interfere with you getting work out into the world that makes a difference?

When you see a place that might be happening, go ahead – ship it. Get your authentic expression out in the world and let it begin to make a difference while you work on the next authentic expression.

Piggies Under the Table

Early in my career, I was reaching for bigger impact in my work, but something held me back. You know, those inner voices that say “You can’t do that” or “It’s too risky” or whatever. My friend Pat began to refer to those voices as the “piggies under the table.” I loved having a playful way to acknowledge these voices and so it stuck. We all have “piggies” in one form or another. They shape our lives and our leadership.

What are you a commitment to?

Let’s say I feel it’s important to my leadership that I listen more fully to my team members, giving them my full attention. OK, that’s reasonable. But am I the self that can deliver on that commitment? If I were, I probably would have done it already. Habits like how we communicate are embedded in us at all levels – they live in our bodies, our hearts, our emotions and our thoughts.

The dark side of personal growth and transformation

I’ve always been a bit of a “personal growth junkie.” It’s what draws me to the work of coaching. And of course, I have a coach. He constantly invites me into a larger, more powerful version of myself. He challenges the ways I limit myself. Coaching helps me live more fully into my potential. All great, right?

That’s the light side of personal growth, the pretty part of the journey. It’s what makes coaching or workshops worth the investment of our time and money.

Leadership, Complexity and the Self

If you’ve been following my blog for the past year or so, you know that complexity and what it asks of us as leaders has been on my mind a lot. There is no arguing with the fact that these are complex times. It can be challenging to see clearly what is needed. Doug Silsbee has just released his new book, Presence-Based LeadershipIt’s an incredible resource for today’s leaders.

Your Bold and Beautiful Aspirations

What’s bigger than a BHAG and small enough to hide in your pocket? It’s those hidden dreams for what your organization can become and what you can do in the world. Not just your “stretch goals” or even your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). You’ve pushed yourself to write those down and used them to help your team achieve more. That’s fabulous. And, I’m betting there’s more. Your bold and beautiful aspirations.