Are you ready?

be brave.jpg

Are you ready to do bold, beautiful things aligned with what you care about?

I am. And I’m not.

Both are true. We all get “ready” in steps, some small and some big. I recently got more connected to my “I’m not” right in the midst of my impatience to take action.

In a conversation with my coach about the boldness I’m ready for, I hit a wall. Some part of me stomped her foot and declared, “NO!” Exploring that, I saw that I need to pay attention to that part instead of letting my impatience rule. And yet, I don’t want to go back to letting that voice be the decision maker. I let her hold sway for years without even knowing it. What’s needed now is a conversation.

It’s tempting to label that part as “resistance,” especially when others are “resisting” the change WE want to make. This time, the “resistance” is inside me. I’m trying to listen to that part and learn from it. I’m still in action, organizing around what matters to me – equipping leaders to better handle the messiness reality hands them. And, I’m honoring and listening to the part that says “Not so fast.”

The messiness of reality often requires that we see our situation from multiple perspectives, some of which are available inside our own head, some are not. Either way, it’s helpful to listen to them and learn how things look from their point of view.

Where might you benefit from being curious about the multiple perspectives available inside your own head? Or those others hold?