Conscious Leadership – Are you up for the challenge?

If you’re ready to think more deeply about leadership, read The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.

Warning — This book is a meaty chew! I do a lot of thinking about things like leadership, mindfulness, culture, etc. Still, this book took me to new places. It’s a thorough and profound integration of philosophy and practical applications.

The book’s core premise is that we are either above the line or below the line at any given moment. If we’re above the line, we are open, curious and committed to learning. Below the line, we are closed, defensive and committed to being right. They note that none of us stays above the line all the time – the trick is noticing when you are below the line and shifting. The 15 commitments help you build your ability to operate above the line and shift when you find yourself below the line.

Simple, right? Well, yes, it’s a simple idea. But the 15 commitments are rich and deep and well articulated. Here are a few sound bites.

About employee engagement:
“When we block candor by withholding, engagement wanes as well.” After you’ve read their definition of candor, you may see the idea of employee engagement in a new way.

About love at work:
“Speaking from love is not a license to withhold or sugarcoat our unarguable truth, because we don’t want to ‘hurt someone’s feelings’ (which is the most common reason people give for not wanting to be candid). Rather, speaking from love asks this question: ‘How do I say all my truth in the most loving way possible?’” In this section, you’ll learn what the authors mean by “unarguable truth” and speaking from love. Another game changer.

About fear and lack:
“Those who believe they lack move in the world from fear and those who believe they are already whole, perfect, and complete, lacking nothing, move in the world from love and creativity.” Work these commitments and you’ll learn to move from love and creativity much more consistently.

Reading this book will make you think long and hard about leadership, for that matter about all of your relationships. Doing it will change your world.

This is a book worth reading again and again. I’d love to hear what opens up for you as you read and practice the ideas in The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.