Soul Nourishment for Leaders

Flickr user: Randall Chancellor Copyright December 17, 2010

Flickr user: Randall Chancellor Copyright December 17, 2010

Recently I made a deliberate choice to nourish my soul. Instead of my morning walk around our neighborhood, I drove to Town Lake for a three mile walk. Same exercise benefits, but consciously taking in the natural beauty and letting it feed my soul. Yes, even in the early morning, it was already getting hot but still the lake was beautiful.

Sometimes we talk about “authentic leadership” as if it was something static or something we must acquire somewhere. My own authentic leadership isn’t those things. It’s the connection between my heart and soul, my me-ness and my leadership.

It needs care and feeding on a regular basis. Nature feeds my soul. It reminds me that I am one with the wind, the lake, the trees, with all that is. It fills my heart up. When I’m nourished in that way, I’m more authentic in my leadership and in my life.

As I expand my capacity to lead, to love, to be present, I will remember to nourish my me-ness more often.

Here's a great resource to explore new ways to nourish your soul:

How do you nourish your heart and soul?