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Pro bono coaching on your most complex issue - Applications now being accepted

Learn to work more powerfully with the most complex issues you and your organization are facing. This is a no-cost scholarship available only to nonprofits and NGOs. It is a 12 session executive coaching program. Application deadline is AUGUST 22.

Why am I doing this?

The world has gotten pretty messy. Basic issues like equality and inclusion are threatened. Children are hungry. Our public education system fails to serve many children. Our democratic institutions are struggling; civil discourse is often absent from our most important conversations. For the past 9 months, I've found myself asking, "What's mine to do in response to all of this?" The work of helping leaders meet these problems more powerfully - that's the work that's mine to do! And I want to do it where I can make the most difference in the issues that matter. So, I'm offering this scholarship to support the advocacy work of nonprofits working for positive social change. 

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Specifics below. Download your application now. Application deadline is AUGUST 22. 

WHAT is the scholarship offer?

Executive coaching using the tools and models from complex systems, Presence-Based®  Leadership and adult development.

  • both education and coaching
  • 12 sessions (phone or video conference)
  • 4-6 months

To learn more about my approach to executive coaching, download this PDF.

who is it for?

Nonprofit EDs, Presidents and other senior executives who are working with complex issues in organizations that

  • advocate for positive social change 
  • employ a staff of at least 10 people
  • have an active advocacy agenda in areas such as women's rights, democratic process, diversity and inclusion, the environment, etc.

The scholarship recipient should expect to spend 2-3 hours per month with the coach and an additional 6-10 hours per month working on her/his complexity challenge by applying and practicing with the tools and models.

what is a complex issue?

Typically an issue where

  • the context of the issue is in flux
  • there are lots of stakeholders with different (and sometimes conflicting) perspectives
  • the issue can only be well understood in the context of other related issues
  • it's difficult (or impossible) to identify cause and effect in advance.

These complex issues ask a lot of us as leaders. It may feel like the situation asks you to trade in your practiced ways of doing things for some as yet undetermined new leadership habits. You likely feel somewhat uncertain or maybe destabilized. You're in unknown territory.

Here are a few examples.

  • Legislation has recently been passed that significantly impacts your issue and your alignment with key stakeholders.
  • A new organization with a competing agenda has popped up in your space. Stakeholders, funders and partners are confused.
  • Your founder (or long term ED) is about to retire. You are unsure how to prepare the organization for the transition.

For more on complexity, read my blog series on complexity, download this PDF or watch this 8 minute video (Cynefin Framework - Learn More).

How will you benefit?

By investing your time in this program, you and your organization will be more equipped to work with your complex challenge. (You'll identify the challenge you most want to work on in the application process.)

Specifically, you will

  • have an understanding of your challenge that includes more information and new perspectives
  • engage with stakeholders in a more complexity capable way
  • launch some "safe-to-fail experiments" within your complex challenge
  • be better prepared to engage with complexity on this challenge and other complex issues.


Download your application now.

Application deadline is AUGUST 22.