Activating Change Makers

With an obsessive focus on client outcomes, my work with clients has generated great results. Read these profiles to see what's possible.

Building Trust to Drive Execution

Industry: Luxury Fashions
Client: Division President
Issue: Lack of energy / alignment in the leadership team
Service: Consulting
Process: Team Working Sessions, 2-1 Coaching, All Hands Session
Outcomes: Division exceeded expectations and became a model for others in the company.

The Story

This team was hitting their numbers, but the President believed much more was possible. He shared a deep level of trust and alignment with the CFO and wanted the whole team to have the same kind of relationship so they could maximize creativity, innovation and execution beyond expectations.

The first step was several working sessions with the top leadership team. Next, using strategic “two on one” meetings with key individuals, Linda partnered with the President to develop commitment and alignment in the team. Then the broader leadership team came together to weave a story of a unique store experience for clients and associates; all of it founded on love.

With the leadership team highly engaged and aligned, this organization had clearer vision and could execute on the strategy. 

Following this work, the team’s financial results significantly exceeded corporate expectations. Other divisions began to ask how to replicate what was happening in this North American division. The executive who brought Linda in for the project felt he had made significant strides toward building an infectious organizational culture around love.

Fueling a Global NGO

Industry: Nonprofit
Client: Founder/CEO and his executive team
Issue: Need for strategic plan and inexperienced executive team
Service: Consulting
Process: Strategic Planning Retreats, Phone Consultations
Outcomes: Rapid growth and a solid executive team.

The Story

When Linda first met this executive team, the challenge was clear: no one on the team had any previous management experience. Yet their passion and commitment to solving the global water crisis was clear.

The team needed to develop an operating plan. Linda used the planning process to help the team learn to problem solve, make decisions, and hold each other accountable while they created a plan they could successfully execute against. Over a period of several years, Linda helped the team develop increasingly sophisticated plans that fueled rapid growth. Through these planning retreats, the team grew stronger. They created a virtuous cycle of developing their existing players, thus being able to attract stronger leaders, thus developing their existing leaders. 

This project illustrates what’s possible with a well-led strategic planning process. The team creates plans they can execute AND the team gets stronger.

Driving Results Through Engagement

Industry: Medical Device Manufacturing
Client: Global SVP of Marketing
Issue: Lack of energy and alignment in the leadership team
Service: Coaching
Process: Leadership Circle 360, Coaching Calls twice monthly for 6 months
Outcomes: Stronger engagement and buy-in across the client’s organization

The Story

Sam is a very smart, powerful leader who sometimes “comes on too strong.” As a result, he was burned out and his team wasn’t fully engaged. His boss had told him he needed to “go to charm school.” This got Sam’s attention. 

It was clear that Sam needed to continue to drive organizational results at a high level. His amazing talent for this is what had gotten him promoted time after time. And, he needed to tune his leadership style to engage others more. Linda helped Sam look at his communication style and find ways to engage his team more fully.  

Sam worked hard on the coaching. He experimented with new behaviors and was thoughtful about his coaching fieldwork. As the coaching unfolded, Sam and Linda explored resilience and calm as a foundation for connected leadership. Sam enthusiastically embraced brief and simple mindfulness practices and found they helped him lead from a stronger place and engage his team more fully.

Now Sam continues to drive strong results AND has a more engaged team and less stress. He is able to use mindfulness in his family life as well as at work. His burnout is less intense and he’s fully engaged at work again.