Leadership, Complexity and the Self

If you’ve been following my blog for the past year or so, you know that complexity and what it asks of us as leaders has been on my mind a lot. There is no arguing with the fact that these are complex times. It can be challenging to see clearly what is needed. Doug Silsbee has just released his new book, Presence-Based LeadershipIt’s an incredible resource for today’s leaders.

Doug looks at the most crucial and complex challenges leaders face today and shows us how we might use these situations as doorways for our own development as leaders. He offers us a powerful framework for understanding complexity and shows us how the things that challenge us most can help us become the leaders needed for these complex challenges.


Most of what’s been written about complex systems focuses “out there” – on the external reality of the challenge. In this book, Doug takes that a step further. He illuminates the interaction between what’s “out there” and what’s “in here” – the crucial interplay between the context and the self.

As he helps us see this important interaction, Doug offers us perspectives and leading-edge approaches for achieving results that really matter. In the midst of these sometimes crazy-making times, I’m grateful to Doug for this wisdom. The world is much in need of new perspectives on hard problems right now. His approach helps us find clarity and resilience as we face complexity.

Doug has been an incredibly important teacher, mentor and friend for me. When he began offering workshops on this material with Carolyn Coughlin almost two years ago, I jumped at the chance to work with these approaches with him. By then, I had studied with Doug for several years and suspected this would be his most powerful offer. And it is. Now that this valuable wisdom is available in a book, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to learn from Doug.

I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about this book! For those of you who have worked with me over the years, Doug’s work has shaped me more than I can say. I truly hope you will read this important book!