Possibility + Pragmatism

Leaders who act with integrity and authenticity can change the world. When they bring their bold aspirations to life, they create stronger organizations and communities on behalf of all the stakeholders. These are my clients.

I coach successful people who are up to big things in the world. I’m inspired by their commitment to their vision and their commitment to becoming the person who can realize the vision. I’ve been called a maverick, entrepreneur, catalyst, leader, sage advisor and change agent. And yes, they all fit. My coaching emerges from decades of leading and life, from who I am and from what I’ve learned.

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origins of my work

None of us come to our work alone, but rather standing on the shoulders of those who have shaped us and our work. Here are a few of the teachers who have been most important in shaping my work.

  • Doug Silsbee is the author of Presence-Based Leadership and an amazing teacher and coach. Doug taught me to be fully present with myself and my client in every moment and to trust what emerges from that presence.

  • Mandy Blake has thoroughly explored the neuro-science of embodied change. From Mandy, I learned to use the body in tandem with the brain to create enduring change.

  • Will McWhinney was a systems geek of the finest kind. In my graduate studies with Will, I learned to see human systems and discover powerful points of intervention. It was Will who planted the seeds of my interest in complex human systems.


In all that I do, I strive to be an authentic leader and live into these values.

  • I bring the full power of my heartful presence to every engagement.

  • I leave each system better than I found it.

  • I am committed to building communities that are just, open, connected, and prosperous.

  • I believe that authentic leaders make a positive difference in the world.

  • I am committed to living and working at my growing edge.


  • Asking deep questions that provoke learning and catalyze change

  • Bringing her heartful presence to create a powerful space for connection and dialogue in teams

  • Fostering a systemic view of the organization to enable sustainable, game changing moves

  • Crystallizing ideas so that the heart of what matters becomes clear and actionable