Virtual Team

Meet my virtual team of top-notch coaches whose values are aligned with mine. All of them are certified in Presence-Based Coaching or The Leadership Circle 360

Sheila Buechler

Sheila Buechler is in the business of change. For 25 years she has co-created change in organizations and with dynamic leaders who are deeply motivated to make a difference. More »

Keith Lewis, MBA

Keith is the president of VeraSpark Consulting, a facilitation, training and coaching company based in Austin, Texas since 2001. More »

Larry Hulsmans, MBA, CD, PCC

Larry is passionate about the development of leadership ability in others. He has more than 20 years experience in the private and public sectors in management and leadership development.  More »

Dan MormAn

Dan has over 25 years of coaching, consulting, and management experience with improving results in Leadership Development, Strategy Development, Business Process Reengineering, and Cultural Transformation. More »

Barbara Hunter, PCC

In a world where competition is fierce and competing demands are high, the most successful leaders know true success isn’t only about bottom-line results. True success is about your ability to connect with and inspire others. More »

Leigh Ann Roberts, JD, ACC

Leigh Ann Roberts is a professional development coach who works with rising managers, leaders and C-suite executives to create intentional shifts toward personal and professional mastery.  More »

Tim Johnpress

Tim Johnpress has spent the past 30 years exploring and unlocking the mysteries of human potential and performance. More »