Creating the Future

I lead conversations that create action to solve pressing and complex problems. Together, we get the right people in the room to clarify the issues, identify the right actions, and build momentum around execution.

Our solutions include:


If you’re ready to move your organization forward more powerfully, I can help you.


Executive Coaching

Leaders who want to make a difference often need a development partner. Someone who will challenge your thinking and help you activate your vision. Through executive coaching, you will:

  • Accomplish your goals, both organizational and individual

  • Shape your unique perspective into powerful leadership

  • Conquer the things that hold you back and amplify your gifts

In this expansive and reflective dialogue, you’ll experience what’s possible for you and your organization.

Board & Team Development

Bold leadership requires a strong team. I create team and board development sessions that bring focus and energy to the organization’s vision. These executive retreats:

  • Align your team or board around shared goals

  • Upgrade your thinking

  • Activate your vision

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive planning is “strategic planning” for the complexity and uncertainty of today’s world. A strong planning process has 3 outcomes:

  • A plan that provides focus and direction for the organization and is flexible enough for changing times

  • Organizational buy in and momentum for execution

  • A stronger, more cohesive executive team

I will partner with you to design and facilitate an adaptive planning process that achieves all of these outcomes.

Culture Change

Peter Drucker is reported to have quipped, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Remove the friction from your strategy implementation by aligning your culture with the strategy. I will work with you to:

  • Assess your culture and identify where it fails to support your strategy

  • Identify culture changes to support your strategy

  • Make your strategy more successful by changing your culture