Apple Tops Fortune’s List of Most Admired Companies

The economy is in a mess and the technology sector is suffering badly. Except for Apple. Even with Jobs on medical leave, Apple continues to produce good results. Apple received Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” top rank. In the detailed categories, they were #1 for innovation, people management, and quality of goods/services.

You could hardly pick three variables on the list that are more tightly linked. Apple is widely known for creating a climate where employees can be creative. It’s high on Jobs’ list of priorities. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons investors get so nervous about Jobs’ health. He has created a culture where it’s expected that designers are swinging for the fence with new designs.

Creating a healthy culture that supports performance is a key role of the CEO and certainly a central part of people management. It leads to innovation and to quality products/service, the other two “best in class” items in Fortune’s summary for Apple.

As a leader, ask yourself – what am I doing to create a culture that supports my employees in making their absolute best contributions to the organization? If you’re not sure your team is doing everything they should be, ask me about getting a leadership team assessment