Are You Ready?

Photo credit: Creative commons license

Photo credit: Creative commons license

The world needs the best you’ve got. The most brilliant software algorithm, the most enchanting song, the most impactful social innovation, the most courageous leadership... We need your brilliance played full out.

So what’s holding you back?

As I’ve asked myself that lately, I’ve become aware that I often feel like I’m “not ready.” Hmmm. After two graduate degrees, hundreds of hours of post graduate education and many thousands of hours of client work. So what exactly do I need to feel “ready” to make my best contribution to the world?

You probably have similar creds in your field. But maybe you also feel “not ready.” Maybe this means that you and I need to change the story line. Since we are what we practice, perhaps it’s time to practice being open to what wants to emerge instead of “I’m not ready yet”.

None of us knows what’s coming. So beyond whatever technical preparation we do (you know, all those hours of training and experience), we need more than ever to show up fully and give it our best shot.

That means

  • Paying attention to what’s happening both in the environment and in us.
  • Working with our own internal state so we’re not at the mercy of the environment
  • Taking action from that place inside where we feel a deep, authentic connection to what we care most about.

That’s a different kind of “ready.”

So, dear reader, with you as my witness, I commit to the three practices above so that I can show up fully. I’m not saying this is easy. But we are what we practice and I’m practicing showing up, ready to engage with what unfolds.

I wonder what happens next?

And what about you? Are you ready to drop whatever story is holding you back and show up fully? Remember, we need the best you’ve got!

If you feel you may have some story or belief that keeps you from making your best contribution, let’s talk. The world needs the best you’ve got!