Photo credit: Creative Commons license

Photo credit: Creative Commons license

Let’s let gratitude move to the center screen for a moment. We’ll come back to the series on complexity in the next post.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling especially grateful for the amazing people who have been mentors and teachers for me. People who have shaped me and made my work stronger and my life richer. That’s a long list of smart, kind, wise people, too long to list them all here. But I want to acknowledge some of the gifts these mentors, friends and teachers have given me.

  • Inspired me with their  examples of “a life well lived”
  • Helped me find a way to allow who I really am to surface more, to show up for my life and my work more fully
  • Took the time to really see me
  • Helped guide me to a path of more mindfulness and presence
  • Showed me the wholeness and fullness of work as service and leadership as love
  • Expanded my thinking beyond logic and intellect into other ways of knowing
  • Challenged me to leap into something bigger than what I thought I could do
  • Believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself
  • Walked beside me through both celebrations and sorrows

Thank you!

Before the rush of the holiday season takes over, I’m pausing to savor these gifts. Doug, Ed, Will, Anna, Kathy, Charlie, Sheila, Jeremy, Mandy, Melissa – I’m so grateful for all that you’ve taught me and for your presence in my life! And for my amazing clients – I’m honored to work with each of you. And of course for family and friends – you bring love and light to my life every day.

I wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving as we all pause to remember the gifts of heart and spirit that others give us through the way they live their own lives.