Supply Chain – so yesterday

Photo credit:  Creative Commons license  

Photo credit: Creative Commons license

Supply chain – what an outdated concept! It’s not a chain, it’s a web. And that’s a difference of much more than just a label.

A chain has a beginning, middle, and end. A web’s form is not linear or precise. A chain is a static, mechanical entity. A web is a living, organic entity. A web is much more fragile and easily disrupted than a chain. And, most importantly, when you touch a web anywhere, it moves everywhere instead of lying inert as a chain would. Which of those descriptions fits your company’s reality – a web or a chain?

If you are still focused on your supply chain instead of your supply web, you’re missing your chance for a competitive edge.

When you think in terms of a supply web strategy, it helps you turn your culture outside in. By looking at the whole web, your organization will develop an increasing awareness of your customers’ customers, your complementors, your competitors – the entire ecosystem of your industry.

This outside in awareness in your culture will enable you to feel the tremors in the web sooner rather than later. And that’s key to staying ahead of the curve as the dynamics of supply and demand affect your business.