What's Love got to do with it?

From "Capture of Dreams" (Flickr Creative Commons)

From "Capture of Dreams" (Flickr Creative Commons)

At a recent meditation retreat, I was struck again by the everyday grace of our humanness, the awareness that there is no "them" or "us," and my in-the-moment experience of the enormous power of love flowing freely through me.

My heart knows that this experience is deepening my leadership. It’s helping me let others touch my heart more and thus allowing me to reach others at a deeper level. I've seen this happening already.

All of leadership is a conversation, a relationship. Our genuine humanity in these leadership conversations has the power to transform us, to lead us to new places of creativity and collaboration together. That creativity and collaboration drives innovation and change in our organizations and communities. And I suspect that barely scratches the surface of what happens when we let out hearts speak into our leadership.

We don't readily use the "L word" at work. But if love isn't powering your leadership, what is?

My mind still hasn't fully sorted through what my heart now knows. Maybe it never will. But I've promised my heart that I won't forget.

Where does love fit in your leadership? In your organization?