2017 - Courage

As I begin 2017, my attention is on courage. The courage to step fully into the energy of transformation - for both myself and my clients. The courage to truly own my own authority. The courage to hang out in the disequilibrium and discomfort of change without flinching.

Courage is a heart thing. Choosing to pay attention to courage means I’m choosing to invite my heart into a fuller partnership with my head.

How’s your head/heart partnership? Does it feel balanced?
Or is one of them mostly a “silent partner?”

Leadership requires courage – to stand for our convictions, to set boundaries, to own our authority, to fully live into our most important commitments.

I can’t say yet what will unfold from this 2017 theme. I’ll be journaling about it, noticing how courage shows up. When do I feel courageous? How do I see others showing their courage? Where is more courage called for?

How does your courage show up in your leadership?
Where do you long to be more courageous?

Wishing you a year of courageous leadership!