Thank you for your leadership!

I'm so grateful to the many leaders whose paths have crossed with mine. You have taught me so much.

Gary, Ed, Jerry, Suki, Seanna, Becky, Brant, Scott, Melissa, Kathy, Don, Patty, Ross, Julie, Will, Anna, Charlie, Melissa, Angie, Cass, Dee, Richard, Natalie, and so many more.

Thank you to all of the amazing leaders I’ve had the pleasure to know and the difference they’ve made in my life and in the world.

Leaders who . . .

  • bring heart and soul to the challenges of leadership.
  • see a time horizon that exceeds your own lifespan.
  • have the courage to show up with your vulnerability along with your strength.
  • seek the common good.
  • inspire us to believe we can do the impossible.
  • enable us see our connectedness and our humanity.
  • help each of us become more of who we are.

Thank you, thank you for lighting the way for so many people!

Who are the leaders who have made a difference in your life?