Earning and using trust

Recently I was talking with my sister, Kathryn, about my work. I shared with her my concern that I may not be fully living into my ability to serve my clients. Her advice was simple — Use all the trust you are granted. Yes, simple. And not easy to live into.

As leaders, we work hard to earn trust. Kathryn’s advice points our attention to a sometimes neglected follow on. We must use all of that trust in service of the people and organizations we lead. As an executive coach, I place myself in service to my client’s learning and development as a leader. To serve fully, it’s both a privilege and an obligation for me to use all of the trust my client has granted, in service of her development goals.

As Kathryn’s advice continues to work on me, I’ll be writing more about what it means for leaders.

For now, I simply want to say thank you to my clients. I’m enormously grateful for the trust you’ve granted me. Without that trust, my work would not be possible.